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QED Optics Metrology Capabilities

Advanced metrology capabilities enable QED Optics experts to develop accurate, repeatable and reproducible solutions that address your needs and specifications. 

Do you have a project that requires optics not listed here? Please call us.  This is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities and our team has many years of experience working with all different shapes, geometries and materials.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly requested capabilties we are asked about.

Full Aperture Interferometry  
Diameters up to 1 m
Aspheric departures up to ~1000 waves (@ 633nm)
Concave, convex  (up to full hemisphere)
Vertical & Horizontal configurations possible  (e.g., off-axis tests)
High resolution up to ~2000 x 2000 pixels 
Radius measurements down to 1 micron accuracy

Stylus Profilometry
Diameters < ~200 mm
Asphere metrology

Roughness Metrology
White light interference microscope
Atomic force microscope