Creating Precisely Engineered Optics

QED Optics creates “precisely what you need” – precision optical components that meet your performance specifications. We create precisely-engineered optics that range from 100 mm to meter-class. No matter if they are challenging, large, have tight tolerances or complex geometries, QED Optics can meet your requirements.

In Lockstep With Customer Needs

Unique strengths, unique solutions, focused customer collaboration.

Highly Consultative & Collaborative

Due to the exacting specifications involved in these types of projects, we work in a highly consultative and collaborative method with our customers.

Precision Optics Manufacturing

QED Optics manufactures precision optics, from 100 mm to meter-class, that have tight tolerances and/or complex geometries:

  • Make-to-print manufacturing of precision optics
  • Aspheres – on- and off-axis
  • Large optics – up to meter-class
  • High precision optics – λ/10 P-V or better
  • Prototyping or production volumes
  • Manufacturing process development, from design to implementation

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