Stay a step ahead with QED Optics' precision optics manufacturing capabilities.

Precision optics manufacturing from QED Optics keeps you a step ahead of customer demands and your competition.  Whether it’s flats, spheres, on or off axis aspheres, cylinders or freeforms, round, rectangular or irregularly shaped from ~10 mm to ~1 m in diameter, the answer is the same: No Problem. 

QED Optics is fully equipped and has built-in flexibility to configure manufacturing processes to complete your job, on time, in budget.  QED Optics is your partner for your optical manufacturing challenges.  Our expertise goes beyond precise and accurate testing and manufacturing.  We will work closely with you to understand your application, your specifications and your timeline, and create a manufacturing solution that best fits your needs.  No matter if you are looking for a volume supplier or a development partner, QED optics is here to help.

QED Optics is here to assist you with optics manufacturing challenges. Whether you have an unusually demanding optical prescription/geometry, or need manufacturing assistance and advice, QED Optics is ready to work with you. Our experts can develop cost-effective solutions that address your needs and specifications. Once a project scope and solution have been clarified, QED Optics will process your work and the completed components will be returned to you accompanied by documentation defining surface quality relative to your specifications.  The QED Optics’ team of experts is available to help you solve all your polishing, metrology and manufacturing challenges.

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Let us help you with:

Precision optics polishing and metrology
"Make-to-print" precision optics manufacturing
Expanded capabilities for challenging shapes or sizes

  • Aspheres: on- and off-axis
  • Large optics - up to meter-class
  • High precision optics - λ/10 or better

Prototyping or production volumes
Manufacturing process development, from design to implementation