Case Study: Precision Primary Mirrors

Customer Requirement:  A set of 500mm primary mirrors needed to be refurbished after being located in a lab setting for a prolonged period.

QED Optics Solution:  QED Optics used two enabling technologies to rapidly finish the mirrors in a matter of days once the coating had been removed; QIS metrology and MRF finishing.
The mirrors were mildly aspheric, representing about 6 microns of departure from the best fit sphere.  QED’s QIS can test the full aperture non-null.  The QIS was designed specifically to measure aspheric surfaces non-null (i.e.: maps with a high slope content / high fringe density).  An older, lower resolution interferometer would have required ancillary optics to create a near null.  
The measurements were paired with QED Optics’ large Q22-950 MRF platform which is capable of polishing meter-class optics.  Each mirror was brought to spec in 2 – 3 iterations and each mirror exceeded the final figure specification by 2x.  The convergence rate speaks to both the quality of the measurements and the determinism of the MRF process.

  • With QED Optics, the capabilities of MRF and SSI technologies are accessible to the entire optics community. - Mike DeMarco, Bus. Mgr. QED Optics
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