Case Study: Production Aspheres for Camera Application

Customer Requirement:   Steep concave aspheric lenses requiring a significant figure improvement while maintaining a tight cosmetic specification.

QED Optics Solution:  The customer provided several sets of aspheric lenses that had been polished with conventional processing, to within a couple of microns of near net shape. However, achieving the desired final figure required an order of magnitude improvement while maintaining a tight surface cosmetic tolerance.  Traditional figuring would be further complicated by the steep concave geometry of the aspheric surface.  The customer provided a custom holographic null for testing the lenses.  Using MRF, QED Optics was able to improve batches of these lenses to the final figure requirements.  The slope was improved and the cosmetics were maintained.  Improving the slope demonstrates the advantage of the conformal nature of MRF, particularly as highlighted on a steep concave surface.




  • With QED Optics, the capabilities of MRF and SSI technologies are accessible to the entire optics community. - Mike DeMarco, Bus. Mgr. QED Optics
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