High Order Figure Corrections

High order figure corrections can be required for a number of reasons: quilting errors on lightweighted optics, inhomogeneity in the bulk material in transmission, phase plates, etc.  In many of these instances, a conventional approach may not be the appropriate method to reach the final specification.  Magnetorheological finishing has been demonstrated to be uniquely suited to many of these applications.high-order-figure-correction


From bad to good or even from good to "perfectly bad," QED Optics can make your surfaces any way you want.

We can help with adaptive optics, phase plates, correctors, transmitted wavefront applications, laser rods, prisms, and many more.
Call us today to discuss your application, and what type of surfaces you need. 

  • With QED Optics, the capabilities of MRF and SSI technologies are accessible to the entire optics community. - Mike DeMarco, Bus. Mgr. QED Optics
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